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handshake pictureDealing with an insolvent business can be a very stressful time.  The Director assist website was set up to provide support to directors whose businesses have or are experiencing financial distress and to help to minimse the personal impact.

Not yet in a formal insolvency procedure

Ensure that you are not incurring personal liability through committing offences such as wrongful trading - we will advise you on appropriate action to take which will minimise any exposure you may have.

We have outlined some of the options available to deal with the business's problems and we can help you choose and implement solutions such as assistance in obtaining additional finance, selling the business, restructuring the business or a formal insolvency procedures such as a Company Voluntary Arrangement, Administration or Liquidation.

Already in administration or liquidation?

We can provide support at everstage of the process - be it general advice as to what to expect at creditors meetings, preparation of the statement of affairs (a document directors are required to complete) or a review of the questionnaire requested by the Insolvency practitioner.

We have prepared some general information on this website that may be of interest to directors of businesses that are undergoing an insolvency process.


  • We have prepared a guide to Administration for directors of businesses in Administration - download

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